Andrew Killion

Andrew Killon from Akuna CapitalAndrew Killion is the CEO and Co-Founder of Akuna Capital LLC., a proprietary trading firm in Chicago. Andrew has worked in the options trading industry for more than thirteen years and is a recognized expert among his colleagues. Akuna Capital specializes in derivatives market-making and arbitrage trading and has quickly grown from a start-up to a successful leader on various options and futures exchanges. Before founding Akuna, Andrew was a partner and Senior Derivatives Trader at Optiver, a global derivatives trading firm. From 2000-2007, Andrew gained a wide array of experience in the Asian markets which included trading the Hong Kong derivatives markets, trading the world’s largest derivatives product, growing Optiver’s local and Singapore market operations and later establishing a desk in Japan. In July of 2011, Akuna Capital was successfully launched and has quickly grown from 5 to 55 employees in a little over two years. Mr. Killion holds a Bachelor of Commerce, Economics from the University of New South Wales. Andrew regularly attends industry related conferences and meetings regarding financial exchanges and is an avid cyclist.

Conference Abstract
Andrew Killion, CEO and Co-Founder of Chicago based proprietary trading firm Akuna Capital LLC, will lead an interactive discussion on derivatives market-making, arbitrage trading and his thirteen years of industry experience. Andrew will share the challenges he faced in growing Akuna Capital from a start-up to a successful leader on various options and futures exchanges.

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