Carl Mahler

Carl Mahler- Gelber GroupCarl Mahler is the Director of Algorithmic Trading at the Gelber Group, where he leads a team of 15 software developers, traders and researchers. In addition, he is on the committee responsible for dictating firm trading strategies and identifying revenue streams. Carl joined Gelber in 2004 as a discretionary trader before founding the firm’s algorithmic trading business. He has a bachelor of science degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Conference Abstract
“Characterizing Success in Algorithmic Trading”
We attempt to gain perspective into what it takes to succeed in the algorithmic trading business. We examine the merits of the traditional “quant-trader-developer” paradigm with a specific focus on translating technical skill to trading success. We contrast the algorithmic trader with more traditional trading roles and discuss how these concepts fit into the technical evolution of the marketplace.

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