D. Keith Ross, Jr.

Keith_RossMr. Ross is Chief Executive Officer of PDQ ATS. Keith brings thirty years of experience in the securities industry to PDQ. Prior to joining PDQ at CEO, Mr. Ross was the CEO of Getco from 2002 to 2005, having been instrumental in mapping their high frequency equity trading algos to fixed income and FX. Upon his leave, Getco was trading in all three asset classes: equity, fixed income and foreign exchange. Mr. Ross’s experiences have included floor trading, off floor trading, risk arbitrage, options, futures and cash markets. He has managed several different sized firms ranging from 15-75 employees, having been focused on electronic trading for well over a decade. Mr. Ross began his career as an options analyst in 1976 and in 1979, Mr. Ross became a member of the American Stock Exchange and a registered options trader on the floor of the exchange. In 1983, Mr. Ross formed Ceres Partners which was a small trading firm specializing in risk arbitrage and options market making. In 1988, Mr. Ross became a member of the CBOE and was a market maker until 1999. Mr. Ross has spent the last several years focused on electronic trading. Mr. Ross joined PDQ ATS in 2005 and serves as CEO. Mr. Ross is a graduate of Princeton University and resides in Chicago.

Conference Abstract
This presentation will be an anecdotal journey through some major market displacements by a non-quantitative veteran of the markets.

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