Jim Cone

Jim Cone - Sun TradingJames M. Cone is Senior Team Leader for US Fixed Income and Foreign Exchange trading with Sun Trading LLC in Chicago. Prior to joining Sun Trading LLC, Mr. Cone was a Partner with Efficient Capital Management, a $2bil. institutional portfolio manager that focuses exclusively on alternative investment strategies that incorporate managed futures and foreign exchange. During the period of 2000 to 2011, Mr. Cone was a senior employee in a private family office that is recognized globally as one of the premier investors in alternative investment strategies with internal, exclusively-proprietary investment programs and additional separately managed external allocations. Mr. Cone received a BA in 1985 from Western Illinois University with an emphasis in Agricultural Economics – Commodity Markets Hedging and Trading. He currently holds a Series 3 license.

Conference Abstract
Mr. Cone’s talk will address the global proprietary trading community (Chicago, NY and London), and the current and future employment opportunities for graduates.  He will discuss the following:
• How does the proprietary trading industry differ from other areas in the financial industry?
• Firm expectations of new graduates.
• What skills/background does one end up using?
• What other qualifications are beneficial?
• Recommended external reading and research areas.
• How can graduating students make themselves more marketable post-graduation?

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