José Pardo-Kronemann

JosePardoJosé has advised financial and regulatory institutions on legal matters, securitization, and the feasibility of making investment decisions. He designed and commissioned software architecture for the Recordation Information Tracking System to record and track mortgages. José Pardo advised the Government National Mortgage Association on its participation in the Mortgage Electronic Registration System (MERS) and on Electronic Signatures. He was a member of the Blue Ribbon Committee that developed National Standards for a Portable Document Format for electronic documents with the National Institute of Science and Technology.

José wrote the Handbook for Housing Finance Development: Primary and Secondary Mortgage Markets and the Feasibility of Mortgage Securitization (© 2001.) Multilateral institutions have used the guidelines in the Handbook to pursue projects that promote market efficiency. Jose has served as a Trustee in Willow Springs, Illinois, and as the V. P. of the Board of Directors of Ayuda, a Washington, D.C. United Way Agency that provides legal assistance to low-income immigrants. IIT-Chicago-Kent College of Law – JD; American University – M.A. in International Economic Development; University of Illinois – B.S. in Architecture.

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