Mukul Pal

MUKUL PAL (1)Time is a social construct and we see time through the life and nature around us. Understanding Time could give a unifying theory to research of a few thousand years and also bring more than a conventional thought down. It’s a revolution. Mukul has written and spoken globally on the geometry of TIME, patterns, risk and investing; has a data innovation patent filed in his name; and runs Orpheus CAPITALS, a global alternative research company. The company has built and manage the multi strategy and multi styled Orpheus Risk Management Indices. Mukul is also ranked in the top 10% on the Social Science Reseach SSRN network and has been invited to speak at various platforms like the the Bombay Stock Exchange, Prague Stock Exchange, Bucharest Stock Exchange, Market Technicians Association New York, Canadian Society of Technical Analysts, Saxo Bank, Thomson Reuters, TED etc.

Conference Abstract
There are many universal laws, but few or none are used to understand markets. Stock markets are natural systems and express universal laws. Building a case for an application built around such laws is not easy, as failure or noise effects universality too. Mean reversion is a universal law, which has also suffered from failure and noise. The patterns and noise in mean reversion has been witnessed across subjects like Behavioral Finance, Intermarket Analysis, and Statistics etc. However, little has been done to understand the failure of mean reversion. The talk will focus on comprehending the failures of mean reversion and how it could be redefined into a better statistical and universal risk management framework, have cross sector application like investment management and predicting trends etc.

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