Peng Zhao

Peng ZhaoPeng Zhao is Co-Head of Quantitative Strategies for Citadel. He is responsible for the firm’s quantitative trading businesses globally.

Mr. Zhao joined Citadel in 2006 as a Senior Quantitative Researcher for Global Market Quantitative Strategies. Prior to joining the firm, he was a Summer Associate with Lehman Brothers and served as a Quantitative Researcher for Evnine & Associates.

Mr. Zhao was born in Beijing, China and earned a bachelor’s degree in Applied Mathematics from Peking University. He attended the University of California at Berkeley as a Berkeley Fellow, graduating with a Ph.D. in Statistics.

Conference Abstract
Peng Zhao will take you on a walk through the world of quantitative trading and the major issues faced today. We’ll begin with the evolution of the equity markets, and how the confluence of technology and market structure led to quant trading’s rise. We’ll next discuss whether quant trading is “good” for the industry, using a data-driven approach as well as addressing the major headlines of today. We’ll finish with some examples of interesting questions that quantitative researchers try to answer every day, and look ahead to the future of quant trading.

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