Sebastiaan Koeling

Optiver_KoelingSebastiaan Koeling is the Chief Executive Officer for Optiver US LLC. He sets the strategic direction and vision for the US office. Mr. Koeling is responsible for the success of the operation and insuring a smoothly functioning, efficient organization.

Mr. Koeling’s qualifications include a diploma in Financial Economics from Erasmus University in Rotterdam as well as ten years managerial experience within Optiver. Mr. Koeling joined Optiver B.V. in September 2003, serving initially as a derivatives trader until July 2007, when he was promoted to manager of the arbitrage team. In this role he developed and managed a team of 25 arbitrage traders on the electronic exchanges of Euronext (Amsterdam/Paris/London), Eurex, Deutsche Boerse, MTA (Italy), OMX (Scandinavian Exchanges) and the Spanish exchange. In July 2008, Mr. Koeling was further promoted to the senior managerial position of Head of Trading Optiver Europe, a position he served in until his transfer to the U.S. in November 2009. In this managerial role, Mr. Koeling was responsible for overseeing the entire trading department in Amsterdam. He consulted with Optiver’s top corporate officials to ensure the trading department was performing according to the organization’s guidelines to achieve their projected goals.

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